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Ground Tackle

anchor locker

December 2008. New Bedford, USA. Anchor locker.

Here is a picture of an anchor locker. Moonwind has two anchors, both Danforth-Fortress-Fluke style. One medium size and one very small, good only for a dinghy. She needs a bigger bow anchor and an anchor roller plus a good CQR anchor.

April 2009. Curacao. New anchor and chain-rode combination

I purchased a 35-pound CQR, the best of all anchors ever. It holds! I also bought a new 15-foot chain 150-foot rope combo.

July 2009. Curacao. Another spare CQR

In July I added another 35-pound CQR because when anchored on two anchors, one CQR and another Danforth, Danforth always drags and is of no use on its own anyway.

November 2010. Dominican Republic. Anchor Roller

June 2011. St. Martin. All chain

Prior crossing the Atlantic ocean, I replaced two 3- and 5-meter pieces of chain with single 30-meter 7-mm hi-test chain.

August 2015. Curacao. New chain

After 4 years the galvanized chain got very rusty and became thinner to a point that worried me that it could broke. It also made deck cleaning with an acid more often. I was debating a stainless one for some time. It is at least three times more expensive but would it serve longer? I guess it depends on a particular brand. Most articles that I read said that SS chain was not supposed to be kept under water for an extended period of time. Another words, it is ok to anchor for a day or two occasionally but to stay on the anchor for months or years is not good. They say that SS chain may break without any visual signs of a problem.

Well, I do anchor for long time and with a carbon steel at least I know when to replace it. So be it then - I bought 90 feet of new 7-mm hi-test chain again.