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Five of them

There are a main, a genoa, a small jib, a storm jib and a spinnaker. All seem to be in ok state.

I'll need to add hanks to the small and storm jibs because I plan to hoist them on the inner removable forestay.

April 2009. Hanks on all sails and a chute for a spinnaker

Squeteague Sailmakers made a new main in 1994 for Moonwind and continued taking care of her sails and storing them for winters since then. I asked them to modify all foresails (a genoa, a jib and a storm jib) to be hoisted on forestays. Another words, I asked them to put hanks on the foresails. Julia also added a rope in the luff of each sail to enforce it prior to putting hanks. I also purchased a chute for a spinnaker from them and Julia installed it for me.

April 2011. Piscadera Bay, Curacao

New main for Beruta

When I was repairing my main in Dominican Republic last fall, I asked how much would it be to make a new one. The answer shocked me a bit: $6,000! Yeah, the Dominican people really love their watersports. Soon after that I sent an email to Squeteague Sailmakers in US. Julia gave me a much better deal: $1,500 plus shipping. Even with the shipping it was still three times cheaper to make a sail in the States. I ordered it. Out of curiosity, later I found that on Curacao the prices are comparable to the US ones but of course I would have saved on the shipping. Well, I have no idea of the Antillean sailmaker's quality but I do know that the sails made at Squeteague served Moonwind well for almost 20 years!

September 2015. Curacao. New jib and genoa from Lee Sails

It was time to replace the fore sails. I decided to order them from China. They were shipped as promised in 30 days but arrived two months later because Fedex managed to damage the genoa and tried to conceal it. At the end Lee Sails negotiated with Fedex and made a new genoa, which was shipped to me free of charge.