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A head and a shower

December 2008


Here is a list of some deficiencies that I found in the head compartment:

I am also looking into replacing a Groco HF head with an air head dry toilet, which can be intergated with a holding tank to increase the holding capacity for liquides beyond two days for a couple. The holding capacity for solids is about a month of continuous use for a couple.

waterless toilet
A shower addition

I decided to get rid of a wardrobe closet in the head compartment and install a shower, just a hose with a head, nothing else, so called all wet shower. Wooden bulkheads will be painted with a few coats of epoxy and an additional fresh/rain water tank will be installed somewhere.

Holding tank

I'm also thinking to get rid of a t-valve and a venting loop by suspending a holding tank above the water line. With the air head dry toilet, its size may be reduced.


A sink may be replaced too.

April 2009. New waterless head and solar shower


After throwing away the old toilet, holding tank, all the hoses, through-hulls, valves, seacocks, cleaning, painting and installing a new waterless toilet, I decided not to proceed with the shower addition and re-assembled the wardrode.

The shower nevertherless does the cockpit, solar one!

I have also installed two solar vents: one for the toilet and another for the entire head compartment.

solar shower solar vents